New Year Task

Yeaaaa!! New Year come! Holiday! Free Time! Happy!

That is in my mind right now, my mind is full of thinking about where I go, what need to take, use my car or rent a car or just go in public transport so busy about that.

But, here we are. Yesterday, just yesterday when I got personal message, it's say that new task is need to be done before January because it will be use by the new client, and in that moment my brain is stuck and just imagine that I just sit in front of my laptop for the rest of this year.

I don't really like the job now, I just don't like when someone got good ide and will get revenue from that idea when it complete, so the idea become urgent and important. I think is okay with that for the busines, but you know I don't get anything for working on that event if the work is take more than my workhour in a day.

The more I hate about this is the concept is don't event make sense / same with the existing app, so I need to recreate the logic and make some logical conditional for that idea to happen, and the worst thing is I still have to finish my previous work without new time calculation.

I just hate working

I need to try another job maybe, I will Apply to another company or just make some business

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