To lazy to work

You know that every human being is not accept their own condition, like me I still jealous with other people with a better job and better sallary have house, car or anything else, But other than me their jealous of me because I have job and sallary, and the one I envy with is have the same problem that the company quality or their co-worker / another employee is getting rude or something.

I mean that every one is need to be glad or good enough with what they have and still looking for more is good a motivation

Everyone is always complaint about something

I have job, but to lazy to go to work or for now is to lazy to turn camera on. this kind of job is the best that I can get with my background of education, but I still not happy with it. I always stole sometime for smoking or just going to toilet multiple time.

I don't hate this job, but also I don't like this job either.

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