Too Many Options

Hi there, I just want to share about my story, so the first thing is about my career and my hobby.

I still don't know where I want to go with my skill this day, because I have so many options and I cannot choose between it because I love it all, the first thing is I love playing games, I love the way I got level up one by one and enjoy the proggress, but after sometime I just jealous with other people that play less than me but get more proggress than me it's so frustating for me. the other thing is a engineer I love to make, edit or just break something with computer, I love programing and logical thing, but again some other people that I know very well they is not very good with this and sometime ask me for some help or just only suggestion, but they is have more great profile or project than me.

So I don't know, I good at something but I never go it for long so I don't have really good at something at all.

The one without knowing anything get more result than someone with some skill in result, because the one without knowing is just create and love it, but the one with skill is take too many time for thinking for good without start anything when sometime is good and sometime not.

Well you know that I'am is the one without the skill and try to make thing, but after I got some information or just some hint I just finish and not doing anything anymore because I know, I don't like how it's end. this is like my speciality I never finish the things that I've done.

I never good at something, I lack of motivation and survival thing, the conclution is I need to change my habbit from now and I need to take maybe a rival to make me motivated.

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